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Traffic / Reckless Driving / DUI Defense

A traffic offense or criminal charge can lead to very serious consequences. Being charged with a traffic offense as a result of a motor vehicle accident is serious because of a possible civil suit for personal injuries by the other driver, a passenger, or pedestrian. This area of law is complicated and has changed dramatically over the past several years. That is why you may need an experienced firm to aggressively defend these serious cases.

MBBTK specializes in serious traffic offenses, including reckless driving and DUI/DWI, and other misdemeanor criminal offenses. In regard to traffic offenses as a result of a motor vehicle accident, this firm has a unique perspective due to the years of experience its attorneys have in defending civil clients who have been sued for accidents. This firm regularly practices in all courts in the Northern Virginia area, including Federal Court. This Firm also handles cases involving shoplifting and/or theft, assault and battery, misdemeanor drug offenses, and alcohol related offenses.

To contact our firm regarding traffic or criminal matters, please call Michael E. Thorsen (Partner), who leads this group, at (703) 385-1000 ext. 210. We do not charge for an initial consultation.